Головна Про ліцей Наші вчителі

Ярмиш Тетяна Євгеніївна - учитель англійської мови

Everybody  sees how you seem,
However only some know who you are.

I am the one who agrees that, LIFE is work and the rest is by chance.

I am the one who always lacks something and now, and in my youth. And it must be like this.  When you lack something you are striving to it. Actually, it is fuel you are driving on.

I am the one who LOVES her past.
I am the one who LOVES her present. I am not ashamed of what I did, and I don’t feel pity that I am not able to do it any longer.

I am the one who is proud to have been teaching for 34 years and still not to be disappointed.

As LIFE is drawing without an eraser, the most precious in its collection are my dearest daughters Aliona and Ksenia.
I can’t imagine my LIFE without lessons and students. Lessons, lessons…….from day to day.  Hundreds, thousands of conducted ones.  How many more am I going to teach?  Only God knows. But I do believe, the most difficult lesson to learn is which bridge in LIFE  to use or which one to break off.
I adore travelling and meeting new people. North America, Europe, Africa are in the past. South America and Australia are in the list to be discovered by me.

My LIFE is filled with LOVE for myself and my daughters, my students and friends, my city and my country.
My LIFE is exciting and busy,  as I am a teacher and mother.
My LIFE is enjoyable and active, as I have time to exercise and go swimming.
My LIFE is creative and interesting, as I have an opportunity to learn new cultures by participating in International Projects.
My LIFE is peaceful and relaxing when I am petting my cat Sim and watching goldfish in the bowl.


My motto: 
To keep young , stay around young people.
To get old, try to keep up with them.